Practitioners & Instructors

Rhonda Carrier

Yoga Instructor


Phone: 517-610-9559



About Rhonda
Rhonda is E-RYT 200 and RCYT Certified by Yoga Alliance. She is an Alumna of Sun/Moon School of Yoga in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rhonda is also Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Certified, Yoga Healthy Breast Educator Certified, and Healthways Silver Sneakers Yoga Teacher Certified both levels I and II. She also instructs a toddler program for Hillsdale Schools Great Start Program, a Life Time Learning class at Jackson Community College, the Hillsdale College Chargers Football Team and a SOAR “Success Over Addiction and Relapse” yoga class. Rhonda holds an associate’s degree in Applied Science from Washtenaw Community College and served fourteen years in the US Army of both Active and Reserve status. She loves teaching all types of yoga from Hatha to Vinyasa.

Rachel Tice, LMT

Yoga Instructor


Phone: 517-474-0330


As a Myomassologist and Yoga Instructor Rachel has taken many medical-based classes on her journey to gain a deeper level of understanding the human anatomy and how it works. Some of the massage techniques that she implements into her practice include: Prenatal/Labor Massage, Side-Lying Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, TMJ Dysfunction, Energy Balancing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Stretching, CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.

For each and every session Rachel creates a massage tailored specifically to each individual based on their lifestyle, medical history, and any previous injury to help facilitate the client's self-healing process. With her background in Kinesiology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology she possesses the ability to assist her clients in increasing range of motion, restore relaxation and decrease stress. Rachel strives to provide each and every one of her clients with the best possible massage depending on your current health condition.

Yoga has been a passion of Rachel's for many years even prior to her knowing what Yoga truly was. She has practiced with Stephanie Manor and Natalie Guy-Hazard for a period of time. She has also practiced at Starseed Yoga with Leah Slagenwhite, Linnie Briley, and Reyna Trevino. Rachel has also participated in many Yoga events around Southern Michigan. She had the opportunity to take the Foundations course through YogaFit in January of 2017 and started implementing Yoga into her massage clients' “homework.” In September of 2017 she started teaching Yoga for Intelligent Exercise Jackson and has learned how to lead a class tailored to the student needs.

Dr. Rose Noonan


Phone: 734-383-6583

About Rose

Dr Rose Noonan lived and studied in Australia and qualified as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine at Victoria University in Melbourne. She is a NCCAOM Diplomat and is registered to practice in the state of Michigan.

Oriental Rose LLC provides Traditional Chinese medical health services with a full diagnosis and personalized treatment options for your individual needs including Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, shiatsu, gua sha, herbal formulas, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Dr. Noonan's primary focus with Traditional Chinese Medicine is for chronic or ongoing symptomatic conditions such as chronic fatigue, allergies, hay fever, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, localized and systemic pain, back problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and other similar conditions as well assisting with weight loss, fertility issues, gynecological and urological issues.

In addition Traditional Chinese Medicine can also help with more acute conditions such as sporting and on the job injuries and even the common cold.

Like our treatments and diagnosis our pricing is not a one size fits all approach; discounted diagnosis and treatment rates are available for students, emergency services personnel, seniors, social security disability, active service members and veterans.

Bridgid Mote, LMT, Reiki Master

Massage Therapist, Energy Worker

Phone: 517-945-8678

About Bridgid

Bridgid Mote has been a certified Massage Therapist since 2004 and a member of Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals since 2007. Bridgid is a Usui Reiki Master and teacher, receiving training and attunements through Marilyn Martin-Romero, a Usui Reiki Master/ Barbara Brennan Practitioner, and Glenda Prus and Usui Reiki Master, both of whom are co-owners of Essential Energies.

The natural beauty of crystals and gemstones led Bridgid to study and become a Certified Talisman Creator and designer of healing gemstone jewelry and medicine bags. She also is an Ancient Stone Path Reader and Certified Stone Healer.

Ashlee Stemen, LMT

Massage Therapist

Phone: 517-610-4584
Website: The Key to Your Knots

About Ashlee

Ashlee is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massgae, and Deep Tissue Massage. Her passion lies in helping people with their chronic pain. She graduated from Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2012 and has recently taken the leap to start her own practice. When Ashlee is away from the office, she loves spending time with her husband and outdoors with her eleven pigs, two goats, and two dogs.

Glenda Prus, RN, Reiki Master


Phone: 517-812-1388



About Glenda
Glenda began her nursing career in her early forties. At that time the energy world was unknown to her but because she became a nurse she was led directly into energy work. Isn’t that the way the Universe always works? Glenda had only been a nurse a handful of years when she met someone who had taken Healing Touch. Her friend treated her for a bad headache with an energy session and she was never the same. That was her ‘A-Ha!’ moment.

From there Glenda proceeded to take all four levels of Healing Touch. A few years later she studied and became a Reiki Master. Initially, Glenda was in love but skeptical of energy work, and then it became only love. She also became a user of essential oils during those same year. She had a friend whose husband was critically ill and her friend was using oils on him. Her friend's house always smelled amazing too. Glenda found that the combo of oils and energy work could do some spectacular things.

Glenda is a mother, a grandmother, a nurse, a minister (non-denominational), and a healer. She has a French Bulldog, Maddie, who feels that energy healing is her calling. She will give you good energy whether you ask for it or not.

In her practice she has had the honor of watching people go from not feeling well to feeling great by treating not only the physical but the emotional issues. She has seen people’s spiritual connection increase in a very short time as they make realizations about why they are here. Their healing comes from knowing that they can heal old wounds and old patterns. Glenda's goal is to help you examine your life, discover the places you need to heal, find healing, and continue on your journey of life….a more balanced, healthy, and peaceful person.

Her sessions are guided by spirit. Messages and insights that occur are divinely given. Spirit doesn’t always take us the way we want to go, it takes us the way we need to go. The journey is yours and yours alone. She is only a conduit for spirit. She is the love you have forgotten.

Michelle Woods

Zumba Instructor


Phone: 517-206-1974


About Michelle

Leslie M. Wireman, MS, LLP, LBSW, CAADC

Therapist, Addictions Counselor, Life Coach


Phone: 517-499-2976

About Leslie

Utilizing holistic and traditional strategies to counsel, coach, inspire, and heal. With over 20 years of work in the mental health field, experienced in the treatment of mood disorders, trauma, anxiety, addictions, and emotional dysregulation of adults and children. Skilled in couples and relationship counseling, and supporting people in reaching their potential and improving the quality of their lives. Trained in Energy work and Reiki I.

Carol Gallentine

Craniosacral Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Tai Chi/Chi Gong Instructor, Spiritual Mentor, Sound and Vibrational Healer


Phone: 517-796-8060



About Carol

Carol Gallentine's mission is to help re-link her client's body, mind, and spirit with a variety of somatic therapies, energy balancing, and bodywork. Carol has been practicing her craft for over thirty years. She is an Advanced CranioSacral Therapist, a Spiritual Mentor, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapist, Soul Healing Workshop Facilitator, REIKI Master/Teacher, and Public Speaker. Carol can help you connect to those places and spaces that have been hidden to you and assist in your healing journey to wholeness. Call and make your appointment with Carol Gallentine, LMT today.

Clarence Sheufelt

Wellness Advocate, Reflexologist, Teacher


Phone: 517-414-0967


About Clarence

Clarence is a Reiki Master and Teacher, receiving his certificate in May 1999 from his teacher Cyndi Powers Manning. He received his training as a reflexologist from Brach Reflexology Institute, LLC in Okemos, Michigan. He offers sessions for the hands and feet, and also uses doTERRA oils during sessions. Clarence became a minister in 1999 and is affiliated with the Universal Life Church of Modesto, CA. He performs various services as a minister. As a Wellness Advocate, Clarence counsels for the body, mind, spirit, and heart, helping his clients find natural solutions that support empowered living. You can visit his blog at .

Andrea Rowe, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker, Talk Therapist, EMDR Technique

Phone: 517-883-2579

About Andrea
Andrea is a compassionate and skilled therapist dedicated to helping you live your best life! She has years of experience with life transitions, crisis, and everything in between. She can offer a supportive and safe space for you to share your thoughts and emotions in order to heal. Andrea utilizes EMDR to help people reverse negative self-talk and image.

Jasmine Range, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker, Talk Therapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Technique


About Jasmine
Jasmine holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University; with a tract in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She is experienced in working with various populations including Children, Adolescents, Adults/ Older Adults and Families in the areas of: Grief & Loss, Crisis Intervention and Trauma. Her focus area in Therapy is working with individuals facing anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues. Techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness are utilized in session to analyze and help cultivate self-empowerment/ coping skills. She is committed to building a working rapport with clients; to aid in navigating and managing identified life stressors. She is looking forward to working with future clients; and becoming a solid pillar in their treatment journey.

Sari Abromovich, MSW

Talk Therapist

Phone: 248-672-7244

About Sari

Sari has been in the field for over 35 years, and she believes that the key purpose of therapy is to give clients the tools necessary to have the quality of life that they want to live. Sari is interactive and directive but also warm and extremely supportive. She helps her clients set goals and develop the skills to reach their highest potential. We each come to therapy with a past, a present, and a future. Each state of life is influenced and colored by the experiences we have had and wish to have. Understanding the risks and rewards of these experiences is the work of therapy. Sari obtained a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University, an MSW from Wayne State University, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Dawn Wolf

Natural Path, Tuning Fork Healer, Iridologist, Energy Worker, Herbal Medicine, Diet Consultant, Specializes in Bach Flowers

Phone: 517-398-3384

About Dawn

Dawn Wolf was a certified respiratory therapist for three-plus decades, she went back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor in 2014, and received her certificate from Trinity Natural School of Health in 2016. Dawn and her family turned to natural healing after their many negative experiences with western medicine led them nowhere. Her intention was to go back to school to learn the different modalities of natural healing, to heal herself and her family, and didn't want to run to another ND anytime something came up. Being a Virgo rising she knew she could do this herself and she could save some coin. She believed God was leading her to heal her family, friends, neighbors, and pets in a very practical way, using what she had in her own backyard to address any issues that arose.

Dawn has reversed personal health challenges through diet
, herbal, and homeopathic remedies. Her favorite patients are her grandkids; They are her biggest encouragers when they see how well they respond to remedies she puts together for them. She also utilizes Bach Flowers for children and it has been a game-changer in addressing emotional aliments.

Dawn wants to encourage you to take back your health and would like to assist you and your loved ones in a practical gentle way. Her services include basic iridology, tuning forks, energy work, and consultations for herbals, diet, and Bach flowers.

Her services are 35.00 for half-hour and 60.00 for an hour

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Mary Skupinski, RN

Angel Readings

Phone: 517-849-7336

About Mary

Mary has been an RN for 35 years and involved with alternative medicine the entire time. A practitioner of Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Reiki, and Meditation, Mary began doing Angel Card readings 20 years ago. The readings she does differ from Tarot card readings in that they are completely guided by her and her clients' angels. The angels guide it all, including the number of cards the client chooses through the length of the session.

Mary has been working with the angelic realms since she was a child. Their guidance and messages have offered her comfort, peace, and help through many trying times. She feels incredibly honored to be working with Essential Energies again and is thankful for any help she can offer through readings, energy work, and teaching meditation.

Heidi Gallentine

Massage Therapist

Phone: 517-812-6912

About Heidi

Heidi has been a massage therapist for almost 25 years, she is originally from Horton and spent some time working in Atlanta, Georgia before eventually landing at Essential Energies. She specializes in deep tissue and prenatal massage. She loves doing massages for her clients because no one is ever dissappointed after a massage. Contact Heidi to book a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday appointment.

Sue Niedzlielski

Ayurveda, Tibetan Sound Healing, Yoga Instructor


About Sue

As a young woman in her twenties, Sue discovered that sugar made her feel dull and tired also that chemicals and medicines were not tolerated well. As a result, she pursued health through diet and exercise. Protocols have changed over the years from running to yoga and from fresh food to fresh organic. Most important, however, has been her growth from human DOing to human BEing.

That process began with yoga about thirty years ago, leading to meditation about twenty years ago. In 2008, the study of Ayurveda alerted Sue to the influence of everything on body, mind, and spirit. Consequently, adding healing touch and sound healing. Sue shares this in many ways.

Degrees in Education, as well as certifications in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, healing touch, and Tibetan Sound Healing might allow you to have some degree of trust in what she shares.

Theresa Gallarno, LMT, CST-T

Energy Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist & Massage Therapist

Phone: 517-817-6102

About Theresa

Practitioner of Soul recovery – assisting in soul emergence through hands-on healing that allows releases of trauma and old patterning; replaced with higher frequency life energy.

Energy Frequency Technician – providing a channel for frequency upshifts or transformation, chakra opening and balancing, opening of energy networks running through the body.

Certified Craniosacral Therapist – assessing, restoring, and amplifying normal cyclic flow of spinal/cranial fluid.

Licensed Massage Therapist – specializing in individualized massage of restricted soft tissue through myofascial release, Swedish massage, and decompression therapy (Cupping).

12 years as a Teacher, with a Masters in Learning Disabilities

Rate: $55/hour for any of the above or any combination of above