Emily Lawrie

Reiki Master, Angel and Oracle Readings, Essential Energies Office and Digital Manager


Email: emilawrie@gmail.com

About Emily

Emily has been floating around Essential Energies, with her mother Kendra or her grandmother- current co-owner Glenda, since she was a little girl, always interested in what all the practitioners were doing. She began training to be a Reiki Master at sixteen and started doing angel and oracle readings soon after. You can often find her in the main office fixing the website or giving card readings.

Finding Center Articles Written By Emily:

Author: Emily Lawrie
July, 2023

Grief is the trickiest of emotions, the stickiest of feelings, and something no one enjoys talking about. It’s something that can’t truly be felt by anyone else, because grief feels so different to every one of us. And in my experience every grief process feels slightly different too. The place it’s coming from, the person you lost, the experience you went through. The energy of each situation places us somewhere...

Author: Emily Lawrie
March, 2022
For me- winter is beautiful, but it is also a time of stagnation both physically and spiritually. So when the temperature starts to rise and the sky opens up for the sun sometime around March, it feels as if life is also opening. It feels as if there is suddenly new life and new possibilities all...