Group Meetings

Please contact Glenda at 517-812-1388 or to confirm your attendance!

Summer Solstice Gathering

June 20th | 6:45pm | Yoga Studio

Hosted by Glenda Prus and Carol Gallentine!
Please join us for this celebration of the Sun! 

During our celebration there will be:
a drum circle (If you have a drum you're welcome to bring it!)
an intention setting 

and a meditation!

This gathering is by love donation!

Please contact Glenda at 517-812-1388 or to confirm your attendance!

Reiki Circle

August 4th | 2pm-4pm | Yoga Studio

If you want to practice Reiki or have it done we are gathering to do both. 

This is open to the community so pass this along to those who might not get our Newsletter or visit our site.

Please join us for a gathering of like-minded people and the opportunity for healing.  You are welcome to bring snacks to share. Feel free to invite your friends. All are welcome, Reiki practitioner or not. 

This gathering is by donation!

See you there!

Each Sunday we gather to spend spiritual time together and receive what Spirit has to offer and share in whatever way we are able. We have 15 minutes of introduction (see "Order of Service" page) and then devote 45 minutes to our speaker of the day. A variety of speakers (see the "Speaker Profiles" page from the menu above) come from all directions driving as long as two hours to share their wisdom with us. Some speakers are ministers, some are motivational speakers and some are people who speak to a specific purpose. All are open to spiritual guidance whether they have a background in Christianity, Buddhism, Islamic traditions, Earthly traditions, or Universal traditions. We accept all spiritual paths in our speakers and in those who attend.

Our group leadership is by consensus.  People help with the tasks necessary to run our group.  Financially we collect a Spirit led offering to facilitate tithing to our community, paying our speakers, and paying our rent.

Fellowship Sunday; where we stay after service for coffee, tea and light refreshments; is the first Sunday of each month. 

Open discussions are led by a member of the group and based on an excerpt from The Course in Miracles. We enjoy learning more about each other as we share our thoughts.

More Info on the AllOne Fellowship of Jackson

April 20th | 3pm-5pm

In the Classroom

Spiritual Support Group

Consciousness Expansion & Divine Presence

- Feeling the need to connect to other spiritually minded people?

- Want to connect with source energy?

- Source Energy is moving! Are you ready?

Join us and let's explore together! We can all grow together by sharing our experiences and ideas.  This is an open group for spiritually minded people and is not affiliated with any organized religion. We are a judgment-free zone and will keep the vibration of gratitude for each individual.  Hope to see you there!

Love donations are welcome and encouraged to help cover costs. Coffee, tea, and water are provided as well as a light snack, if you would like to bring a snack to share that's wonderful!💕

Please email with questions or confirm your attendance. 

March 17th | 5pm
By Donation

In the Classroom

Green Moon Expedition

An Open Group with Rotating Topics

Are you or a loved one struggling with substance use, or other compulsive behaviors?

Come and get your questions answered by a retired addiction doctor, Paul Meyer MD. 

This open group is hosted by Trena Moss. 

Please contact Trena at 517-320-0798 for questions, more information, or to RSVP. 

November 8th | 7:30pm-9:00pm | Yoga Studio

Come join Jim Wright and his wife Brandie in the ancient practice of Drumming Meditation as the planet of Mercury moves into Libra and brings with it a thirst for knowledge and balance.   

Jim is an initiate of the Munay Ki tradition and offers his wisdom and power through the sound and ceremony of The Drum Circle.  Munay-Ki comes from the Quechua language meaning “I love you as you are".  

So come as you for October's Drumming Circle!  Bring your drums, rattles, and sticks (we will have a few extras available) and connect on a journey to clear and balance your Chakras.

Exchange Rate:  $10 Per Person (Limited Space)

Questions & RSVP: