How we came to be:

The story of Essential Energies began in 2003. The vision was to create a place where practitioners and teachers of the healing arts could gather and share their gifts with the greater community. The goal was to create a center for healing and growth. It began with Marilyn Martin (now Marilyn Romero) and then flourished under the care of Glenda and her daughter Kendra. Kendra gave tirelessly to the vision of Essential Energies while she lived. We lost the light of her physical presence in 2014, though never the light of her spirit. Glenda continued the care of the center until Tom and Scott took over in 2016. Due to Scott's passing and Tom's health challenges, the time has come for the baton to pass once more. We are so pleased and excited to share with you that Glenda Prus and Marilyn Romero have assumed ownership of Essential Energies as of the end of 2020.

Glenda Prus

Co-Owner of Essential Energies
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About  Glenda
Glenda and her daughter Kendra took over Essential Energies in 2007 when Marilyn's journey took her onwards. For years, you could often find her and Kendra at a kitchen table discussing which direction they were taking Essential Energies or how they could share their mission with the community. When Kendra passed, things were different and Glenda eventually sourced close friends to take on the business. However, in 2020, she felt drawn back and decided it was time to return.

Marilyn Romero

Co-Owner of Essential Energies
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About  Marilyn
Marilyn founded Essential Energies down the road from our current location in a small a-frame with the hope of gathering like-minded people on their journey. She relocated from Michigan and now resides in Virginia. However, the Universe brought her back to EE in 2020 when she and Glenda re-acquired the business.

Emily Lawrie

Office Manager
Social Media Manager


About  Emily
Emily has been floating around Essential Energies, with her mother Kendra or her grandmother- current co-owner Glenda, since she was a little girl, always interested in what all the practitioners were doing. She began training to be a Reiki Master at sixteen and started doing angel and oracle readings soon after. You can often find her in the main office fixing the website or giving card readings.

Ian Lawrie

Resident Computer Nerd
IT Wizard


About  Ian
Ian is a graduate of Michigan Tech, the son of Kendra, and grandson of Glenda. He has been around Essential Energies since he was able to walk. Although his life has taken him away from holistic practices, he is still very passionate about the success of Essential Energies and can often be found on late-night phone calls fixing the website or re-evaluating internet security.

Madilyn (Maddie)

Apprentice Energy Healer
Reiki Dog

Please yell "TREATS!"
(And have them readily available)

About Madilyn
I am a small, female Brindle French Bulldog. My mom took me home on January 3rd, 2018 and from then on I have been apprenticing in Energy Work and Reiki. I am very intuitive and I know when you need my emotional support. Please feel free to knock on the office door and visit whenever we are in.

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