What type of reading do I want?

Oracle Cards

Tarot Cards



Tea Leaves

Stone Readings


Spirit Paintings


What's the pricing?

Pricing varies from reader to reader as well as based on the venue where you get your reading.

Pricing for Readings at Psychic Night at The Roadhouse is $15 for 20 min.
Pricing for our Beyond the Veil: A Psychic Night Event is $30 for 30 min.

Where can I get a reading?

You can schedule a private reading at Essential Energies with any of the individuals below. Many of them will take bookings outside of Essential Energies for Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, and other parties.

You can also find two to five readers at The Roadhouse Grill & Bar the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Oracle & Stone Readings

Tarot & Tea Leaf Readings

Oracle & Guided Readings

Angel Readings & Psychometry

Tarot & Astrology

Spirit Readings with Paintings