Carol Gallentine

Craniosacral Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Tai Chi/Chi Gong Instructor, Spiritual Mentor, Sound and Vibrational Healer


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About Carol

Carol Gallentine's mission is to help re-link her client's body, mind, and spirit with a variety of somatic therapies, energy balancing, and bodywork. Carol has been practicing her craft for over thirty years. She is an Advanced CranioSacral Therapist, a Spiritual Mentor, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, REIKI Master/Teacher, and Public Speaker. Carol can help you connect to those places and spaces that have been hidden to you and assist in your healing journey to wholeness. Call and make your appointment with Carol Gallentine, LMT today.

Finding Center Articles Written By Carol:

Author: Carol Gallentine
January, 2024

Sound is all around us, it permeates every aspect of our lives, from our alarm clocks in the morning to the whispering of the leaves in the branches of the trees. How much of the sound you hear on a daily basis is tuned out by your inner senses?

Sound has been around forever. Shamans, Medicine men/women, and healers use sound as a way of connecting us to our Spirits, our inner landscape, the Universe, and beyond. Sound travels on waves of vibration, creating various frequencies, that can...

Author: Carol Gallentine
March, 2023

We recently experienced an ice storm that caused our electricity and landline phone to stop working. The house was silent and at night shrouded in darkness. We live on a dirt road, deep in the country, and dark is really dark. I found myself singing, “Hello darkness, my old friend, I have come to talk to you again”, every night.

Author: Carol Gallentine
November, 2021

At times, in our lives, we find we are challenged with circumstances from our past, that create our current lives.  Ideas that were shared with us as children, experiences that happened to us along our life’s pathways.  From the time of our conception...