Have you ever been fishing and tried to release the hook out of the fish’s mouth?  We wiggle and prod that hook, trying our hardest to free the fish from the hook.


At times, in our lives, we find we are challenged with circumstances from our past, that create our current lives.  Ideas that were shared with us as children, experiences that happened to us along our life’s pathways.  From the time of our conception, until about seven/eight years old, we are literal sponges, taking in all that we hear, see, feel, and experience as TRUTH.  Our subconscious mind has no filters, and not until age seven/eight does our conscious mind help us to discern what is TRUTH for us.  But we have had about eight years of programming and the old experiences/beliefs, the “HOOKS” keep us stuck in a “groundhog day scenario”, not allowing us to move past our old programmed experiences/beliefs.


Information from our parents, families, school systems, neighborhood, our ethnic beliefs, and religious beliefs can keep us stuck.  It is like we cannot see the forest for the trees.  We get pulled back to the negative “voices in our heads”, keeping us HOOKED into the old beliefs.  This can make it hard to see our beauty, awesomeness, creativity, truth, etc. 


Harvard University conducted a study, proving our families' cellular memories are passed down from generation to generation.  We could be living our deceased relatives' beliefs, that is not our TRUTH.  Your life may be based on a hundred-year-old untruth.


And then we can have Past Life situations that were never resolved, so they could bleed into our current life as beliefs and behaviors.  Our cells hold memory, our Soul holds all of our past, present, and future lives in the Akashic records, which is a compendium of everything.  Varying situations can affect us, not allowing us to fully experience our TRUE SELF.


How can we unhook our hurts, sad memories, old beliefs, and addictive patterns we brought into our current life?  We were never taught this information in school, nor learned these healing possibilities from life.  We all have an ache deep inside of us, a soul-stirring, calling us to search for our TRUTH.  What is really holding us back from our divine life?  We need to be courageous enough to be curious, to begin the journey of Self Discovery. 


This part is a journey into our Soul’s Song.  Our inner self, our destined self, the one who is calling to you when you take time to slow down.  It is that voice you hear just before you go to sleep, slowed down because of an illness, and when you are too tired to think, it calls to you. 


It seems we get stuck in the heaviness of this Earth plane, as we transform from pure Spirit into Spirit embodied into this heavy, earthbound form.  We can forget why we came to Earth in the first place. 


Each step towards a new awareness will enable you to begin to break free of the “HOOKS” that keep you stuck.


Some basic ways to embark on your Spirit’s journey to self-discovery:







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Carol has been practicing her craft for over 30 years. She is an Advanced CranioSacral Therapist, a Spiritual Mentor, Theraputic Massage Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapist, and a Reiki Master/Teacher.

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