The Circle

Once upon a time, there was a woman who thought she knew how everything worked. She knew what she should do, but more importantly she knew what everyone else should do as well. She was very devout in her religion and that fact validated her righteousness in her mind. Even so, she prayed every day to know the face of God. (After all, once she accomplished this, she could be even clearer about what everyone else needed to do.)

Then one spring day in 1998, Spirit took her up on her offer. “You would know my face? Well then, come on.” Spirit began sending her teachers and angels with all kinds of learning and instructions. The woman was told to quit her job as the Vice President of a local health care company. When the woman asked what she should do next after quitting the job, she was told to go home. So, after some initial resistance, the woman went home, and the teachers and the messages kept coming. And all this spiritual attention caused the woman to feel rather self-important for a time. However, after a bit, the woman began to realize that the journey was going to cost her a lot in terms of letting go. Letting go of relationships, beliefs, security, reputation, and yes, self-importance. She began to realize that she just might be wrong about everything and everybody, and she struggled with that. 

Then one day in the summer of 1999, she was looking at a familiar book, “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan. Although she had read the book more than once, she had never noticed that the back cover mentioned a school. A four-year program of healing. The idea of the school resonated so strongly with her that she arranged to start that fall, even though the timing was difficult. The woman told herself she was going there to learn to heal others. It was a wonderful school, with students from all over the world and the woman loved it. In the second year of the program, Ms. Brennan announced, “I must teach you techniques because otherwise, you would not come. You are really here to heal yourself so that you can be clear enough to be of service.”


By her third year in the program, the woman felt so much gratitude for what had been given to her that she began to imagine a place where others could find healing through finding themselves. In January 2003 she opened a small business and named it Essential Energies (EE for short). She envisioned it as a community of healers, each offering their own modality to assist those in search of expansion and healing.

The next 4 years were filled with joys and challenges, a few hard lessons, and a lot of healing. So many wonderful people and so many wonderful memories. The Irish band who played a fundraiser for the Grand River clean-up, the crystal workshops, yoga, hula, Reiki, seasoned practitioners, and curious students. Then, late in the summer of 2006, it became clear that it was time to let EE go. The woman was surprised, and she was unclear if she would be able to sell the business or if she would just need to close it. She only knew she had to let go. She set an intention to close or sell the business by the end of April as her journey was taking her to New Mexico in May.

The woman began to feel that someone would want the business, and it turned out that the someone was a very dear friend of hers. The friend and her daughter took over the business in May of 2007, and Kendra Lawrie and Glenda Prus brought a whole new energy and focus to Essential Energies. The woman felt immense joy and appreciation that EE would continue. Over the next few years, the woman returned to visit EE and all her wonderful friends, and she taught workshops occasionally. It was a real pleasure to see the business expand under the care of Kendra and Glenda. Kendra was devoted to EE, even as she battled cancer throughout her years as co-owner. Then, on October 20, 2014, Kendra left this plane for the next stop on her journey. With a heavy heart, the woman returned to Jackson to conduct the funeral service. It was beautiful to see how many lives Kendra had touched. And those who knew her the best talked about how we wanted to keep EE going in her memory. 

Glenda continued to run EE until the fall of 2016. Then she felt the call to let go. She sold the business to some friends of EE, Scott Nichols and Tom Pieronski. Then, in early 2020 Scott passed from a sudden virulent pneumonia, that was most certainly COVID before we knew about COVID. Later that year Glenda and the woman were approached about taking over EE again, this time together. 

And in January of 2021 the circle closed for the woman, for me, and I was blessed with being a part of the intention I had set so long ago. It is beautiful, it is effortless, and I am in awe. We are celebrating 20 years of EE this year, and I hope you will join us in appreciation of what it represents and of the people who have blessed EE with their gifts and their presence over the years.

And, in conclusion, I have no idea what any of you need to be doing, and I am confident that whatever you are doing is simply fine. Peace and Blessings to you all!

About the Article's Author

Marilyn Romero
Marilyn is a co-owner of Essential Energies. She is a Barbara Brennan Practitioner, Reiki Master, as well as a Registered Nurse. 

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