Fall Focus & Meditation

Peace and Blessings to each of you as we enter this autumn season. Autumn is traditionally a time of harvest and abundance. In our modern society, it is often a time of reorganizing our lives and a change of focus. Summer vacations are behind us, and many of us (even grandparents) are affected by the upcoming school schedules. Classes or other opportunities that may not have been available over the summer now present themselves and projects we set aside for the summer holidays are still waiting.

So as we reorganize our schedules, I would like to encourage each of you to set aside a few minutes every day to connect with Presence. You may identify this presence as God, Buddha, Creator, Higher Self, or any of the host of names that people find meaning in. Connection with the all-encompassing love of the universe on a daily basis has a profound effect in our lives.

The Reverend Michael Beckwith suggests we make an appointment with the universe every day. And he goes on to say that if we “dis” our daily appointment we are going to be disappointed. I have found that to be true! So how to go about it? The ideal time for medication is believed by almost all the teachers to be first thing in the morning before we do anything else, and there are definitely advantages to that. Morning meditation helps to focus our day and get us off to a peaceful and stable start. However, I believe the most important thing is to keep our appointment every day. If you are not a morning person, trying to add one more thing into your morning routine may well be a recipe for failure. Fifteen minutes at lunchtime or before you go to bed may work better for you.

So what is the best way to meditate? Meditation takes many forms and the best meditation for you is simply the one that resonates with your heart. A simple way to meditate is simply to sit in silence or with soothing music and connect our breathing for 15 minutes. Connecting our breathing is simply breathing in again as soon as we breathe out. It is how animals and babies breathe. If you are new to meditation, guided meditations are a good place to start. There are a multitude of free meditations on the internet and phone apps. If meditating with your eyes closed causes you to be sleepy or mentally preoccupied, candle gazing may be a helpful approach. Whatever way you choose to meditate, it is important that it includes a time for just listening. This is how we are inspired, how we catch the vision for our lives.

So I invite you to create some focus this fall. If you already meditate, that is great! Can you expand or deepen your experience? If you meditate, but not daily, how can you make it a daily practice? If you meditate daily, are you allowing the inspiration you receive through meditation to be expressed in your daily living? Daily meditation will carry you to peace amidst the perceived chaos of our modern world, and allow you to catch the vision of your amazing life. Let this fall focus be a pathway to your authentic expression. We are all waiting to see you!

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Marilyn Romero
Marilyn is a co-owner of Essential Energies. She is a Barbara Brennan Practitioner, Reiki Master, as well as a Registered Nurse.

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