Creating a New Year

Peace and Blessings to each of you as we embark on another year together! So what shall we create together? And make no mistake, we will create this year together. Every word, every thought, every action sends energy into the field, and out-of-the-field experience is born. What will be your contribution? How can each of us contribute in a way that brings greater peace to ourselves, our community, our world?

The answer is found within us, within our true nature. You may call it our Higher Self, our Spirit, our Divine Spark, Christ Consciousness, the Buddha within, it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is the truth of who we are and the part of us that is unafraid, can’t be hurt, or broken, or less than whole. It radiates love and is free of fear, offers acceptance and spurns judgment, is filled with gratitude, and does not know want.

As human beings, we all have personalities that have particular preferences and carry particular experiences, but our personality is not the truth of who we are. The goal of personal evolution is to become identified with our true nature and let the personality come along for the ride. How is this achieved? With intention and with practice. The intention is born from your desire to evolve, the practice or practices that will carry you to a place of wholeness and authenticity are as varied as each of you. If you set the intention for personal evolution and then pay attention, I promise you that the universe will send the teachers, the pathways, the practices that will feed your Spirit on its journey. You will indeed catch the vision for your life!

So let us enter this year together with intention coupled with curiosity and excitement. Above all let’s enter 2022 with positivity. Practice positive speech. Your words are so important. Avoid gossip and low-energy conversations. You and everyone around you will benefit. Look for the Divine Hand in everything. There is so much talk about Divine Order. Divine Order doesn’t mean everything is how you want it to be. We can’t talk about everything being in Divine Order and then start complaining about things being wrong because we feel some discomfort. Rejoice in your discomfort, get excited about it because you are about to learn something.

So I am entering this year buoyed with great hope and expectation. I am looking forward to finding more of myself and seeing more of you. Never forget that the greatest gift each of us brings to this world is the gift of our authentic expression. We are truly all waiting to see you!

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Marilyn Romero
Marilyn is a co-owner of Essential Energies. She is a Barbara Brennan Practitioner, Reiki Master, as well as a Registered Nurse.

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