Lauren Drake

Numerologist & Reiki Master


Phone: 517-798-6268



About Lauren

Lauren is a Numerologist and Reiki Practitioner who found her calling in the holistic healing arts later in life after suffering from corporate burnout. Following her intuition, signs, and her understanding of herself gained from Numerology, she stepped away from her 15+ year career as a Food Scientist earlier this year in order to transform her passion for Numerology and energy healing into her destiny by practicing full-time. This has allowed her to focus solely on helping her clients also understand themselves better and setting them on their own path to their unique destiny through Numerology while helping them balance energetically to live a more fulfilling life.

Through her energy work, she recently discovered her enjoyment of sound healing. Utilizing a tone therapy system and sound balancing techniques with tuning forks, she can help work out stagnant, stuck energies from her clients’ energetic fields so that they can more efficiently utilize their life force energy.

Lauren is also passionate about discussing and educating others on various metaphysical topics in order to make the “paranormal” more normalized in our society by blending science with the esoteric. She enjoys filling her spare time with quality moments with her husband, kids, family and friends, reading, listening to music and podcasts, practicing tarot, building up her collection of crystals, and just enjoying life!

In a few short weeks Lauren will be completing her certification program to become certified in the Human Body Method of Numerology. She is also a certified Reiki master.