The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is June 20th. What does that mean for us?

Throughout thousands of civilizations, people have celebrated the importance and effect of the Sun Cycles by honoring the Solstices. Many monuments such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids align with the four phases of the sun. This shows the importance of these particular times for civilizations throughout the world. Why are these points so significant?

The sun cycle is a representation of the cycles of our lives and the ebb and flow of energy. A time for everything exists, a time to grow, a time to fight, a time for peace, a time to pause, a time to live, and a time to die. Today we understand that we are really aligning ourselves with the movement of the earth, not the sun. But honoring the cycle is the important part. 

While the Spring Equinox starts our journey with new beginnings, the Summer Solstice reminds us to turn inward and find the nourishment to grow and evolve. We must remember that we give the crops time to grow, and so we must give ourselves that same time to flourish. We must have patience for our growth cycle and wait for ourselves to grow into our full potential. Any action or energy we place in motion in our lives during the spring will continue to develop over the summer. You could say that if the spring is for action, planning, and putting cycles in place, then the summer is for waiting patiently for these actions to blossom. Although it is easy for us to be derailed or disheartened by challenging times, we have to plant seeds of trust and confidence in ourselves. We have to learn to believe that the decisions we make for ourselves are what is best for us. We have made our course; we now must nurture it and find purpose within the process.  

The solstice is a reminder of that metamorphosis from action to patience. This is exactly what the sun does in the summer as it nourishes our crops. Summer can be a very inspirational time. As the light grows warmer and spreads over every corner of the world around us, the sun is setting an example for us. As the sun stretches it’s light to nourish, so can hope and love.

The summer solstice is a turning point in our yearly journey. It is time to switch focus to ourselves and stretch the light to everything around us. It is time to have patience and confidence in the path we are on, no matter the hesitation or doubt that may live around us. During this time of transformation and change, it can be easy to allow doubt to take seed turning quickly into anxieties. However, simply put, “Summer is the time to develop faith in our life, squash the darkness with light, and trust that just like the sun, we will rise each day, no matter what life brings to us.” [Jill Wintersteen,]

This day is also a good time to set your intentions. Set your intentions along the themes of this Solstice ie: patience, nourishment, and trust. Use powerful  “I am” statements that include receiving the energies. For example, “I am open to receiving….”

Lastly, express your gratitude. Express gratitude for what we want to come our way even before we have it. By expressing gratitude to the Universe, we are trusting the Universe to help us fulfill our hopes and desires this calls in exactly what we need. Through honoring this day of life, we energetically set in motion, a period of awakening in our consciousness that lasts all summer until the fall equinox. 

We here at Essential Energies wish you a blessed awakening and a summer filled with love and light.

This article was inspired by an article written by Jill Wintersteen at

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