The Invisible Realm


To most individuals, the higher dimensional energies are in the realm of invisibility. Those with gifts of clairvoyance are able to perceive the beauty of these realms. One such realm is the world of crystalline energies.

The physical beauty of crystals and gemstones is easily perceived and much sought after by those who appreciate their natural gifts of beauty and light.

There is also a more subtle interaction that occurs when choosing crystals.

Like ourselves, the crystals are made of various minerals and elements which give

unique characteristics and frequencies. In fact, they are made of the same materials which make up our own physical bodies. In the case of crystals, these are arranged in geometric fixed patterns which are stable and not easily changed by other energetic frequencies around them. We however are not arranged in fixed geometric patterns and so our energies tend to fluctuate and be influenced by the sea of other frequencies with which we are in constant interaction.

When we are attracted to a particular crystal or gemstone there is a subtle language taking place. The crystal is offering to be of service to help bring into balance your subtle energies which have been distorted through interacting with various energetic frequencies that are not in harmony with your wellbeing.

Humans exist in a state that is between physical matter and the higher etheric levels of vibration and frequency. Our minds at the conscious level are in a fixed time/space reality. Our higher selves can extend into dimensions which are beyond this concept and not subject to the same experience of “reality”.

Disease and states of unwellness on all levels, physical,emotional,mental and spiritual, have their origins in the interface between these levels. Crystals energies are also multidimensional and interact with the physical world and the higher frequency realms.

Working with crystalline energy for healing

Do you purchase crystals and stones and then simply place them on a shelf or in a bowl?

I hear this from many people, they love the crystals when they first interact with its energy but over time they lose track of where they put the stone or have forgotten they had it. This is because they ceased interacting with their crystal.

Here are a few simple and effective practices to keep you in tune with your crystals and their energies.

Grounding and Clearing

  • Create an intention or prayer to focus on for 5-15 minutes.

  • Choose a crystal that supports that energy. For example, clearing negative influences from your energy field using Black Tourmaline.

  • Sit comfortably in the area of your environment that needs clearing.

  • Use a good size piece of black tourmaline, palm size or larger, and hold it

in your hand or both hands.

  • Focus your intention on releasing any negative thoughts or

subtle energies that feel heavy or thick and suffocate your life force.

  • Direct these energies into the piece of black tourmaline. Try to be aware of the vacuum effect this stone has on psychic debris.

  • Feel how it is able to receive these frequencies and transmute them into white light and then ground them into the Earth's energy.

You too are connected with the Earth’s energy and doing this exercise helps connect you more completely, grounding you and allowing more life force energy to flow through you.

Clearing a Cluttered Mind

Having a difficult time staying focused and finding your intentions?

Try working with Amethyst. If you are born in the month of February please always wear or carry a piece of this beautiful purple gem. You need it to help you remember who you are and feel at home in this world.

Everyone can benefit from working with amethyst in this way. Place a large piece of amethyst geode or an amethyst cathedral in the environment where you study,

meditate, work on projects or whatever it is you want to stay focused on.

Keep it out of direct strong sunlight or its color will fade.

When you enter the space to begin your work or study, take a moment to focus your intentions on the amethyst and acknowledge the gifts you are going to receive from working in the space it has blessed. Then get to work. The amethyst is always there, creating a bubble of protection in your space and creating a high pure energy that helps to smooth the interfaces of your neural pathways.

Amethyst also feels so wonderful that it curbs addictions of all types.

It keeps you from being distracted and clears misconceptions you have gathered and made part of your belief system. Amethyst is your best friend and always looks out for your higher good.

If you own a crystal collection and it is just gathering dust on our shelf take time to pick them up, one each day, and reconnect with them. Ask each one what its intention is for working with you and reaffirm that you are a willing partner in that. Or if you no longer need that crystal perhaps you know of a friend who can benefit from the energies it offers. There is nothing more loved than a gift of beautiful healing energy from a friend. That is what crystals are to us. Beautiful healing gifts and friends and allies in our healing journey.

Many blessings to all of you on your journey. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need help in your crystal path.

Bridgid Mote

Circle of Stones

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Bridgid Mote, LMT
Bridgid has been a licensed massage therapist for 17 years. She is also a Reiki Master, a Certified Talisman Creator, an Ancient Stone Path Reader, and a Certified Stone Healer.

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