It's May!!!  I always feel as if May is the beginning of spring. In May we have new beginnings that we get to enjoy every year as long as we live. Being a Michigander spring comes with a sigh of relief that winter is over at last. 

Spring also brings the holiday of Mother’s Day.  A celebration of being a mom, a new beginning once again.

New beginnings are lovely but they have a flip side as well  The reality is that you can not have a beginning without an ending. You cannot have spring without first going through winter.  You can not be a mother without going through giving up your childhood and embracing all that goes with adulting.

And so it is that we move from season to season, from being a child to an adult to a senior citizen. Each phase has a new beginning and an ending. Each phase requires that we acknowledge who we are and who we are going to be.  That we acknowledge our beginning of excitement and anticipation and our ending of a transition to something else, something we have never experienced before. This requires that we let go of who we were, the ending, so we can move on to the beginning.  Sometimes letting go is the hardest of life’s lessons.

However, there is much freedom and peace in letting go. There is calm.  

So please at this time of year, with all its beauty and new life, take some time to sit quietly and feel the new, feel the old, and love what is.  Take time to honor yourself: your emotions, your physical self, and your spiritual self.  Be grateful for all you are and all you have. 

This is our opportunity to set our intention for a lovely new beginning and to let go of all that does not serve us. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Spring, and here’s to new beginnings!


About the Article's Author

Glenda Prus, RN, Reiki Master, Co-Owner of Essential Energies
Glenda is a mother, a grandmother, a nurse, a minister (non-denominational), and a healer.

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