Everyday Magick

Science has proven that the entirety of the universe is made up of tiny particles with electrical charges: protons, neutrons, and electrons. These particles move, revolve around each other, push, and pull, and everything in the cosmos is made up of them. So, it is easy to see that there is energy all around us. The kitchen tables where we eat and laugh with our families, our favorite mug that comforts us on a gloomy day, and the heat that warms our faces on a sunny fall evening, they all contain an energy that can be used to better our lives. 

Magick is defined as “an effort to make a change in one’s life by using one’s own personal energy and the energy of the surrounding elements”. How we choose to harness that energy, to send out our requests into the universe, is as unique as each of us. Some pray, others use affirmations and visualization, and there is always the classic spell. But the truth is that each of these methods results in the same: manifestation of what we need most. 

Each person has the ability to get better at asking for what is needed and getting something in return. Prayer is a powerful tool to build energy and release intent. The more often one prays, the more likely you are to get an answer. You become in tune to God and can feel His hand guiding your life and comforting you in times of hardship. Affirmations are also extremely powerful. Children with leukemia who spend 30 minutes per day visualizing their bodies fighting off cancer cells are more likely to enter remission. The adage “fake it ‘til you make it” really works, you can build love, gratitude, and success into your life by speaking it into existence. A formal spell uses the specific energy of items around us, items whose energy already resonates with the objective we seek, to achieve our goals. The best part is that none of these methods is exclusive of another – they can be used together every day to help us attain our deepest desires. 

Here is a simple exercise to release a bad habit or problem from your life that can be easily integrated into prayer, visualization, or spell based on your belief system and comfort level. 

You will need:

1.) a candle* 

2.) a heatproof dish 

3.) a sheet of paper and pen. 

*Black is the color of banishing; its energy makes it useful for getting rid of things, however, you can use a candle of any color.  

Write your problem on your paper and think about how the problem or habit has negatively impacted you - then tear it up and put it in the dish. 

Light your candle and burn the scraps of paper into ash. 

Gather your ashes, go outside, and scatter them into the autumn winds.

As you do, say a small prayer releasing the negativity.

Imagine your prayer and the ashes being carried to the Divine, to God, to the Universe, where it will be heard and begin to work.

Remember, the world these days can be an overwhelming place. No matter your beliefs, political leanings, or the balance in your checkbook, we are all treading water that seems to be ever-rising. During times like this, it is important to remember that there are glimmers of magick in everyday moments. The bright pink of a sunrise that takes our breath away, a song on the radio that suddenly resonates and sends a shiver up your arms, these are the glimmers of energy that run through our lives, the everyday magick we share.

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Darylanne Pearson
Darylanne is a Master Herbalist, with a certificate in medicinal plants from Cornell University. She has been practicing the cunning craft for over 20 years and is well versed in arts of root magick, and both tea and card reading. 

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