Do I have Psychic Gifts?

Sometimes in my readings for clients, I am asked “What are my gifts?” or “When will my gifts appear to me?” The truth is we all have gifts. No matter whether you are a natural psychic medium or not. Little Jimmy has it and your friends have it too. They just do not know it or like a skeptic - choose to refute it.

I believe the bible is one of the greatest spiritual and psychic books ever written. Jesus Christ was a man, who was brought up as an Essene. The Essenes were very spiritual people who lived according to the laws of spirit- rather than doctrine in the times of Christ. Like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and other prophets, our task is a divine order from Spirit. Why? Because we as mediums are charged with the teachings of the gifts of Spirit, Just as Jesus and other prophets displayed in their time - to be of service to mankind.

Mediums regularly display the gifts of Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the gift of spiritual sight. There are two methods of clairvoyance. There is subjective clairvoyance where the person perceives the images in the mind’s eye, which is the 3rd eye. Most use this firm of clairvoyance and everyone has the ability to awaken this dormant gift through training and spiritual discipline. There is a second type of clairvoyance, which is objective, that is the ability to perceive images and the world of spirit outside of yourself by using your physical eyes. It is the spirit world that controls this. Real guidance and communication will come from outside of one's self (a spirit being) whereby the ego has had no time to process the request for information.

Mediums also display the gift of clairaudience. This is the ability to perceive words in the void in your own language that you would understand and in your own head voice. There is the contrasting part of the gift that allows you to hear clearly with your own physical ears - and believe me when that happens to you, it will, at first, frighten the crap out of you. A lot of mediums develop this ability to a high degree so that they often hear the voice of spirit physically.

Mediums can also display the gift of clarity. The ability to feel spirit or to feel conditions of energy that surround you, which is felt within your body and on a physical level. This can be an unconscious feeling or a direct result of spirit allowing you to feel conditions prior to their passing from the earth plane. We can also feel the physical conditions of those we meet on a daily basis. A medium or psychic can feel the sickness condition of someone, they may be reading. It tells the medium what the person is going through at the time and also what chakras are blocked. This feeling can come upon the medium by way of a headache, that comes and goes, a feeling of dread, or of sickness - which is normally felt physically and then let go very quickly. This is why it is important for highly sensitive individuals to clear themselves regularly. There are certain cases where the spirit will carry on the feeling with the medium - and it is important the medium remains steadfast and direct - commanding the entity to take it away - clear it.

Mediums also display the gift of claircognizance. Claircognizance is probably the main psychic sense that you will use in the employ of your duties as a psychic medium and under the right conditions, it is a phenomenally accurate way of validating and passing information from spirit through spirit to spirit. This higher awareness may go unnoticed for a long time and you will have no conscious knowledge of where or how you May have perceived this information. This is the highest form of knowing. It is divine in its very nature and has been a part of spirituality for centuries. This is primarily understood as being taken over by the Holy Spirit. It is the bypassing of two minds to go directly to the super consciousness or Divine Source itself - Amalgamations of mind, body, and spirit as one complete unit. It will happen to you and you still will not know it. To explain this another way, it is the ability of a medium to know exactly what to say without the employment of conscious thought. It is also one of the most powerful forces or gifts used in dealing with non-human entities.

So what is the difference between being a medium and being psychic? A medium receives communications from a discarnate entity, while a psychic will read energy around animate and inanimate objects or people. This means that they will read the energy that permeates all living and non-living objects or people.

Healing is one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed on a medium. It takes a very special individual to dedicate themselves to this type of mediumship. Healing can come in many forms from spontaneous healing that has no scientific basis or words of wisdom that are often the Catalyst for self-healing. These gifts are a few main ones. Along with our six senses, this is one of the spiritual unit. There are even more gifts such as clairalience (smelling), and clairgustance (tasting). Also the gift of apports. This is the gift of receiving stones or items (feathers, coins, jewelry) from the medium's body or they show up in your home/ car/ office. Through these gifts of the Spirit we keep the spiritual teachings alive.

Everyone has these abilities within them and these gifts are not just for the divinely endowed. This is the only constant, but because of religious Doctrine, these gifts have been forgotten. Through time, our material lives have taken over from our spiritual selves. Once you awaken and the new awareness has arrived, you cannot go back to sleep – for the Divinity within has now awakened and is rising. It brings challenges that make you question old beliefs and search for new truths. We are on this Earth plane to develop our spirituality by testing and passing those tests, to recognize who we are. Spirits in human form with innate spiritual gifts that give us a direct line to internal spiritual power. The use of these gifts comes with a high price tag, and you will be tested! These are different kinds of tests. They are based on the laws of spirit, and only you will know when you are being tested on the path to enlightenment.

About the Article's Author

Sandy Davidson
Sandy is a minister at First Corinthians Church and is also a Psychic Medium. Her readings are by appointment.