Living the Four Agreements:
Be Impeccable with Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.
Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

When asked if we are as good as our word how many of us would exclaim, “Well of course I am!”

Yes, we give lip service to keeping our word but if we give a closer look we might have to backpedal a bit. 

How many of us say we use our words wisely, but do we? When we say that we are doing something for someone is there follow through? Do we make excuses? Do we make promises we can’t or won’t keep?

Do we set boundaries with our words and then just “forget” or worse, decide we aren’t worth the energy it takes to uphold those boundaries?

Words are powerful but how you use them could be a window into the kind of person you might be. Your integrity could be measured by how you honor your words. If you take your own words lightly then so does everyone else. They will mirror your integrity. So watch that you are not angered by others' lack of Integrity when they use words that lack honor and honesty. They are your reflection.

And then what about the promises you make to yourself. The ones you believe are a great idea at the time but your follow through again tanks. What are you saying about yourself and ultimately to others who are watching? They will rate your integrity accordingly. What are your excuses for not doing what you set out to do? Lack of integrity to one’s self is self sabotage. 

The power of the spoken word can build or turn to ruin. It can make someone’s day or cut them to the quick. It is a means of war or love.

Yes there is so much much power in the spoken word. So for this reason use your words wisely and with love and truth. For once the word has escaped your mouth you can not take it back. You must be mindful of  your own words about yourself as well as others. People do not forget the words and worse they don’t forget the way they felt after the words are spoken. For good or bad. There are no redos. There is only you with your spoken words. 


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Glenda Prus, RN, Reiki Master, Co-Owner of Essential Energies
Glenda is a mother, a grandmother, a nurse, a minister (non-denominational), and a healer.

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