A Note on Gratitude

November is upon us and so is my favorite holiday. I’ve always been particularly fond of Thanksgiving and those feelings have just increased as I’ve become older. It’s seems appropriate to write a piece about gratitude.

As I was thinking about the word gratitude, it struck me that it is a perfect length for the feeling it represents. For gratitude is much more than a sentiment...much more than a brisk “thanks” or even the more formal "thank you". I feel that gratitude is an action word. When we are truly grateful for something, the feeling can reach all the way through us! In turn we may be prompted to pass that feeling along to others. I’m sure you have heard the term “pay it forward”. Perhaps you have even done it on occasion, spurred forward by the good feelings it brings to both the giver and receiver.

When we are grateful for the relationships in our life, for our health, and prosperity or even just for a sunny day we infuse that feeling with energy. By doing so we naturally draw good things into our lives. I have a practice of being grateful and voicing that gratitude whenever I say a prayer. If you are not one that prays...you can pick a time of day, like when you first awaken or as you close your eyes at the end of the day. Whatever you choose to do, know that the universe receives your gratitude joyfully and will strive to bring you more to be grateful for. Some may find it helpful to keep a gratitude journal to lift one’s spirits on a bad day and reset the gratitude mojo! However you choose to celebrate your gratitude...do celebrate it...and be prepared to welcome more to be grateful for into your life. 

About the Article's Author

Mary Skupinski
Mary has been an RN for 35 years and is a practitioner of Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Reiki, Meditation, and angel readings.