Essential Energies is a Holistic Center dedicated to
providing opportunities for healing and personal growth.

We support and partner with a community of practitioners
and instructors dedicated to facilitating that mission through
their services and classes.


Spring Giveaway
In these days where we can find everything we want to know about a business before making the decision to visit it, reviews are everything. Over 80% of people trust an online review as much as they trust word of mouth. With that in mind, we need your help. Essential Energies has been a locally owned and operated holistic center for 18 years here in Jackson, MI, many moons before your average client looked on Facebook for a review, so our online presence is minimal. Please take a minute to help us out by leaving a review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. Thank you!

How we came to be:

The story of Essential Energies began in 2003. The vision was to create a place where practitioners and teachers of the healing arts could gather and share their gifts with the greater community. The goal was to create a center for healing and growth. It began with Marilyn Martin (now Marilyn Romero) and then flourished under the care of Glenda and her daughter Kendra. Kendra gave tirelessly to the vision of Essential Energies while she lived. We lost the light of her physical presence in 2014, though never the light of her spirit. Glenda continued the care of the center until Tom and Scott took over in 2016. Due to Scott's passing and Tom's health challenges, the time has come for the baton to pass once more. We are so pleased and excited to share with you that Glenda Prus and Marilyn Romero have assumed ownership of Essential Energies.