Included in your ticket - a twenty-minute miniature class that's perfect for trying something new or trying it again.

If you plan to attend these classes, please make sure to take note of any recommendations for clothing and footwear!
Generally, comfortable clothing, that is easy to move in, is highly recommended.

Zumba with Michelle Woods | 5:00pm | Yoga Studio

Make sure to bring tennis shoes with clean bottoms!
Come and dance with Michelle!
Zumba is
exercise in disguise!
No experience needed.

About Michelle

Join Carol for a QiGong experience, helping you to connect to your body. QiGong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical body postures, and breathing techniques with focused intention.

About Carol

Slow Flow Yoga with Rachel Tice | 5:00pm | Yoga Studio

Make sure to wear comfortable stretchy clothes for this one!
Slow Flow Yoga is a beginner-friendly class to introduce movement and intentional breath to the body with the use of props, breathwork, and meditation. In this mini-class, Rachel will help you focus on hip and shoulder openers.

About Rachel

So that you're sure to be able to try this new class coming to Essential Energies!

This new class will be offered weekly on Wednesdays starting in June!
This brand new class is a great way to learn hula hoop dancing movements for toning muscles, burning fat, and having fun!

"Hula hooping is known to be a fantastic way to tone that troublesome tummy area, but there are many other health benefits that can be gained from spinning the humble hula hoop! Calorie burning, improved strength and coordination, as well as the undeniable enjoyment factor, to name a few."

"...we combine tried and tested fitness techniques with hip shaking hula hoops to give you a highly effective, but most of all FUN, full body cardio workout. Our exercises are easy to follow, combining cardio, dance, toning & combat exercises. These exercises help you to improve overall strength, coordination, balance and cardio fitness, with options to suit all fitness levels.
Some people come for an intense abdominal and cardio workout, some come for the first time just hoping to learn how to keep a hula hoop spinning. Others are looking to add a fun alternative to their regular fitness programme. Our goal is for you to leave class feeling positive, happy and like you had good time on top of doing a great workout!"

About Heather

The concept of Sankalpa is to turn inward to connect with the heart or soul's highest intention. Unlike a goal, which is based on an individual’s will. A Sankalpa is based on universal will. For example, a positive declaration or affirmation such as “peace is my true nature,” rather than the ego-driven “I want peace in my life.” The Sankalpa is most resonant during Yoga Nidra, It is believed that when the mind is relaxed, the Sankalpa can be written on the subconscious.

Yoga Nidra, Sanskirt for “yogic sleep” or “psychic sleep” is a guided meditation technique offered to evoke deep relaxation. In Yoga Nidra the practitioner enters their alpha state (a state between sleeping and walking) their focus shifts inward, hormones are stimulated in the pineal gland and melatonin is released. Thus creating a relaxed mind. The perfect environment for planting seeds of change in the field of the subconscious.

About Rhonda

A special event appointment time and price to try a new service or to get a quick 'tune-up'.

All sign-ups start at the beginning of the festival until their schedule is full.

with Mary Skupinski

$25 for 20 minutes

Angel readings differ from Tarot card readings in that they are completely guided by Mary and her clients' angels. The angels guide it all, including the number of cards the client chooses through the length of the session.

About Mary

with Sandy Davidson

$25 for 20 minutes

Using 'The Universe Has Your Back' Oracle cards, Sandy will be doing 20-minute readings.

with Chyanne & Heather


Relax during the event with a short seated massage from one of these ladies with Sacred Transcendence. Cards will be accepted for a $2 transaction fee.

About Heather

with Carol Gallentine

$10 for 10 minutes

Using the energetic pathways of your body, to help clear your energy fields, to allow your body to begin to heal, and raise the vibration of your Energetic Signature.

About Carol

with Laura Garberick

$20 for 20 minutes

with Emily Lawrie

$20 for 20 minutes

Emily uses her custom oracle deck.

About Emily

An activity guided by our experts, with their knowledge of the material and your creativity.

Balance your chakra energies and bring more joy, health, prosperity, and love into your life. Make one for yourself or make one to gift to someone!
$20 per bracelet

About Bridgid